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You’re Pegging My Sibling?! – Spencer Bradley & Brittney Kade
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You’re Pegging My Sibling?! – Spencer Bradley & Brittney Kade

Brittney Kade is doing laundry for her family. She enters her sibling’s room to gather clothes belonging to him, as well as clothes belonging to his girlfriend, Spencer Bradley, who often stays over. As Brittney picks up a few articles of clothing to add them to the laundry basket, she is shocked to find a strap-on dildo, with a pair of Spencer’s panties slightly tangled around it. As Brittney leaves the room with the laundry basket, she says to herself in a soft voice that she’s going to call Spencer over to talk about this.

Later that day, Brittney comes back into her sibling’s room, this time with Spencer. Brittney says that she wanted to ask Spencer about something, and reveals the strap-on. Spencer looks a bit surprised and sheepish. Brittney is flustered and hesitant as she asks Spencer if this is hers, and if this is something that her sibling is into. It’s clear that Brittney is in disbelief that her sibling could be into such a thing. Spencer apologizes as she picks up the strap-on, confirming it’s hers and saying that she and Brittney’s sibling must have gotten so carried away the last time she was over that they completely forgot to hide the strap-on properly afterwards.

Brittney becomes even more flustered, asking if Spencer was really fucking her sibling with it. Spencer admits that she was, explaining that it’s something called ‘pegging’, and he’s really into it. Brittney is at a loss for words, saying that she knew her sibling was kinky, but she never would have imagined this. But Spencer says that Brittney shouldn’t knock it if she hasn’t tried it.

Although Brittney is still flustered and seems doubtful that she would like it, she asks further questions. Spencer points out that Brittney is AWFULLY curious for someone who says it’s freaky. Brittney finally admits that she is curious, so Spencer offers to help her experience what strap-on sex feels like.