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Saint Or Sinner? – Claire Tenebrarum & Nicole Aria & Tommy King
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Saint Or Sinner? – Claire Tenebrarum & Nicole Aria & Tommy King

Claire Tenebrarum has just finished getting dressed for work, but as she walks through her living room on her way out of the house, she stops for a moment, looking conflicted. ‘I can’t STAND the thought of going to that AWFUL job again… Maybe I should just quit,’ she says to herself aloud. She argues quietly with herself for a moment or two, obviously conflicted about whether she should actually quit or not.

An angel (Nicole Aria) appears at one of Claire’s shoulders, and a devil (Tommy King) appears at Claire’s other shoulder. Nicole looks sympathetic, while Tommy looks mischievous. Nicole tells Claire to go to work because it’s the responsible thing to do, but Tommy says that Claire should stay home and do something more fun… like masturbating! Claire doesn’t seem too bothered with seeing Nicole and Tommy, as if she’s met them before. Nicole and Tommy are familiar with each other as well. It becomes clear that Nicole and Tommy represent Claire’s conscience.

As Nicole and Tommy argue back and forth, Claire seems to be carefully considering what they’re both saying. But it’s clear that Claire still can’t decide what to do. Nicole and Tommy exchange knowing looks, then begin pressing themselves closer to Claire’s side while caressing her. Nicole and Tommy agree that it looks like they’ll have to settle this the old-fashioned way: a sex duel! Whoever pleasures Claire the most will surely win her over!