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Smooth Moves – Whitney Wright & Korra Del Rio
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Smooth Moves – Whitney Wright & Korra Del Rio

Whitney Wright is doing a facial skincare routine in front of the bathroom mirror while her girlfriend, Korra Del Rio, is shaving her legs in the glass shower in the same room. Whitney tries to stay focused on her skincare routine, but can’t help but sneak glances at the sensual sight of Korra shaving her legs – seen through the reflection of her mirror. Suddenly, Korra and Whitney lock eyes through the reflection, and Whitney quickly looks away, embarrassed. Korra grins – a look of amusement and playfulness in her eye.

‘Hey! I said no peeking!’ Korra warns playfully, ‘you KNOW how embarrassed I get when you watch me shave…’

Whitney smirks but tries to remain composed. ‘I wasn’t peeking… I was just looking at my reflection,’ Whitney lies with a hint of playfulness.

Korra raises her eyebrow, clearly not buying it. ‘Oh is THAT so? So then you wouldn’t notice me doing anything else back here, would you?’ Korra says.

‘Nope, you do WHATEVER you want. It won’t bother me at all!’ Whitney says with a grin, keeping her eyes on her own reflection.

Korra mischievously tries to distract and arouse Whitney by sensually pressing various soapy body parts against the glass of the shower. She starts by pressing her boobs against the glass, then her dick, and finally her spread buttcheeks. Whitney tries her best to play innocent and ignore what Korra is doing, but it’s clear that it’s getting harder and harder for her to restrain herself.

Eventually, Whitney can’t help but turn her head to catch a glimpse. Korra triumphantly declares that Whitney WAS spying on her. Whitney grins lustfully and admits that she was, and tauntingly asks Korra what she’s going to do about it. Korra playfully flicks some soap suds onto Whitney, who laughs and yelps with glee. Korra says that Whitney clearly needs to rinse off now, so she’d better join Korra in the shower!