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Find Your Style – Kenna James & Khloe Kay & Ivory Mayhem
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Find Your Style – Kenna James & Khloe Kay & Ivory Mayhem

A personal stylist, Kenna James, and her assistant, Khloe Kay, are excited to help a new client: Ivory Mayhem, who is looking forward to a makeover. Ivory has just landed a much more prestigious job, so she’s eager to reinvent herself. Kenna and Khloe encourage Ivory to try on some clothes that they’ve picked out, just to get an idea of what kind of style would work for Ivory.

Once Ivory has changed into a flattering blouse and skirt, Kenna and Khloe agree that stockings and high heels would be PERFECT for completing the outfit. Ivory admits that she’s never worn EITHER before. Kenna assures her that nothing makes a woman feel sexier than rocking a pair of amazing heels. Ivory is intrigued, and sits down so Khloe can put the stockings onto Ivory’s feet and then pull them up her legs. Khloe then lifts Ivory’s feet and puts the high heels on Ivory herself, while Kenna supervises with great satisfaction.

Once Khloe is done, Kenna encourages Ivory to stand up and try walking in her heels. Ivory is awkward at first, since it’s her first time, but she eventually gets the hang of it. Kenna is pleased, complimenting Ivory’s form and walk. There are hints of sparks between the three of them as Ivory grows more confident and shows off a bit.

Kenna then mentions that it’s time for her to get Ivory’s precise measurements so that Kenna can pick up some clothes for Ivory that fit her perfectly. To get the most accurate measurements possible, Kenna has Ivory fully strip down to her bra and panties. Kenna and Khloe get a fabric measuring tape and start taking Ivory’s measurements. There is an air of excitement between them, both because of the sexually-charged air and because Ivory is feeling like a new person. Eventually, Ivory is feeling so confident and so turned on that she can’t hold back any longer. Ivory takes out her cock and playfully says, ‘Why don’t you measure THIS?’ Kenna and Khloe are delighted, and help Ivory to explore her newfound confidence with a sexy threesome!