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Cupid’s Arrows – Kenna James & Lauren Phillips & Jade Venus
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Cupid’s Arrows – Kenna James & Lauren Phillips & Jade Venus

It’s Valentine’s Day morning at the Kenna James/Lauren Phillips household, but there seems to be trouble in paradise. In fact, this married couple is in the midst of a heated argument! Their marriage has been on the rocks for some time now, with Kenna feeling like Lauren works too much while Laren feels like Kenna is too lazy and could do more around the house.

The argument builds to a heated climax as they both scream ‘happy Valentine’s Day!’ to each other before storming off to separate rooms. But not to worry- someone VERY special is here to make everything better. It’s none other than Jade Venus- a super sexy cupid whose heart is set on resolving this marital spat.

Jade appears to each woman in private, testing their loyalties by kissing them and seeing how they react. Both Lauren and Kenna pass with flying colors- Jade’s hot, but there’s no way they’re going to cheat on each other like this. Seeing as both women have passed Jade’s ‘test’, she reveals herself to them and explains that she came here today to help reignite the spark of their marriage. Lauren and Kenna are grateful… and decide to show Jade just how thankful they are by inviting her into a sensual, loving threesome.